“Like, is the water distracting?”

— Lissa (trying to be supportive)

“He has systematically destroyed my life in so little time.”

— Lissa (about SebStan)

“Check myself before I wreck myself.”

— Lissa

“I Googled “most pretentious people in history”—”

— Melissa, moon of my life

“I really need to get myself a beanie. Like, I don’t want to be that kind of lesbian… but…”

— Lissa

“It’s my favourite thing when you curse, because I feel like you should be narrating children’s books.”

— Lissa
Frodo: Who is she?
Teresa: Your MOM!
Teresa: ...got him....
Teresa: Some people have the most pretentious fucking names for their colour pallets. "Secret Iris."
Paige: That's what I call my vagina.

“You’re so cute, though! Even when you swear, it’s adorable.”

— Elyse (about my “soothing voice”)
Lissa: She was my best friend and then we hated each other.
Paige: Can I be your best friend and you not hate me?
Lissa: Yeah for sure.

“I’m at Paige’s. We’re having soup and grape juice.”

— Lissa

“I wondered about that - because it’s not like you’re any more competent than the rest of us.”

— Melissa (about how I always end up being pack leader in my friend groups)
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